Hammer Head 34 Foot Munson Packman Landing Craft

The Hammer Head was built in 1996 by Munson Boat works. It currently is in Salt Lake City. This boat was used similarly to a first response oil recovery vessel. It had high speed capabilities-(no current power package) and carried two crew members, skiff, and approx. 2000 ft of oil recovery boom. It never really was required to carry heavy loads-(although it has the capability to) or work outside its designed purpose. The wear and tear is limited because of this, and the boat sits idle waiting its next application

Hull Dimensions
Length 33 ft
Width 11.8 ft-(mid ship)
Landing Door Width 6 ft

The cabin is basic but has a nice dash and breaker panel-all with quality wiring. It has a dual battery switch. There is a remote control spot light mounted in the light bar. The cabin is quality construction and functional. Ample storage under the cabin large enough for a gen set.

Ladder to Cabin Roof
Quality Sliding Door
Light Bar-(flips down from roof for transport)
Two remote spot lights mounted on light bar
Diesel Cabin Heater
Hynautic Steering
Two 6 Switch Breaker Panels
One 3 Switch Breaker Panel
Storage access beneath cabin
Bilge Pump and Switches
Yamaha Shift/Throttle Controls
Yamaha Gauges-RPM
400 Gallon Fuel Tank-(This is my best approximation)                           Picking arm

Speed & Steering & Draw
With twin Yamaha Salt Water Series motors- top speed was about 27 knots-(33 mph). The boat gets on step at about 16 knots for efficient cruising. The steering is hynautic, with control of two motors from inside the cabin. By looking at the waterline I would say it draws about 12-16 inches light.

Power Package
No Motors currently on boat
Set up for Yamaha Outboards
1. Two Yamaha cycle oil reservoirs
2. Two Yamaha Shift/Throttle Controls
3. Steering set up for two motors
Set up for a dual 250 Outboard

Engine Lift/Jack Plates “Porta Products”
The boat currently has a two individual outboard motor lift/jack plates for raising and lowering the outboard motors depending on how the boat is loaded. This is a nice feature because the outboard motors can be raised and lowered about 10-14 inches. This aids in shallow water operation or as said above when carrying various loads.

No trailer is being sold with this boat

Construction, Corrosion & Electrolysis
Being manufactured at Munson Boats of Burlington Washington, this boat has quality construction. There are no significant dents, cracked welds, or corrosion. Only an occasional bent rail or slight ding or shallow scratch in the aluminum. This boat could use a fresh coat of non-skid on the deck and walkways, but “as is” it is completely functional. The landing door is completely functional. The deck is sound and does not flex. The boat has been sitting for a while and could use a detailing; this can be seen in the pictures. This is generally the case for most boats. For all intensive purposes the boat has not had significant modification. No strange welds or multiple “redos” of any kind.

I know that many of you will be concerned about corrosion and electrolysis. I have not seen any indication of this on the boat. When we got the boat we mounted two 8 x 5 x ˝ inch zinc plates on the transom where most corrosion occurs. Also, there aren’t a lot or electronics or a fixed generator to create electrolysis.